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Excuse me but I did report the issue with the vehicle immediately as soon as it happened. I was stuck in a parking lot after leaving LAX picking up the vehicle and drove 1.5 hrs without stoping and as soon as I stopped and opened the trunk it would not stay closed, as indicated in the video.

I immediately called SIXT customer service and reported the problem after trying to close the trunk for 30 mins. You tell me how the trunk would not stay closed from driving the car. I do not appreciate being accused of damaging a car after I picked it up. When I picked up the car, opening and closing the trunk is and was NOT one of the inspection points that is checked on upon releasing a vehicle.

And if you do research as I did regarding this particular vehicle you will find out that this issue with the trunk IS a malfunction on other cadillacs of the same make and model.

You explain to me how I can drive a car for an hr or so, stop to get food, open the trunk to get something from my suitcase and the trunk will not shut close and stay close as indicated on the video.

This invoice is for damage and there is no damage to the vehicle. I will not be paying this invoice as the vehicle had a defect. Did you look at the video of the defect in real time? How is it even possible to damage a car like that unless it was hit or something and there is no damage to the vehicle at all.

In addition, I am being accused of damaging the vehicle which is also a lie.

The trunk on the vehicle is defective period. It was a complete inconvenience for me and my family the day before Thanksgiving as well as a problem that we felt unsafe leaving the trunk open when we were not in the vehicle. There are witnesses to this issue as I was not alone in the vehicle that you can garnish from the video I sent and they will be more than happy to testify to the experience and inconvenience we encountered. The fact that I had to fight on the phone with someone to bring me a new car is unacceptable for customer service.

How was I supposed to drive the vehicle from Rancho Cucamonga, CA to LAX? back to the airport or anywhere for that matter when the trunk would not stay closed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sixt Cadillac Car Rental.

Preferred solution: close the account as pd in full and leave me alone.

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