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I am writing you in regards to my experience with Sixth Rent a car, San Juan Airport location.

I reserved a “Full Size SUV” , for my family vacation from June 19,2018 to Junem 28,2018

Upon arrival, I received the first shock, we waited for 45 minutes in the middle of the summer heat , with 5,7,9,and 11 years old daughters, as well as my wife. Exhausted from the 3 hours flight, two hour prior to the flight from Orlando at the airport and now wait for almost 45 minutes outside the airport for the Sixth Rent A Car shuttle, and the driver said “Sorry, we are very busy today”! Yet any time I called their location phone number , it gave me a “Busy Signal”!

Then when it was time to get the contract , the Sixth Rent a car said “You HAVE to take the Insurance”! Yet I was on the Island the previous month, and I was NOT forced to take any insurance from Budget Rent a Car! Then the third shocker came in, when she said “We Have a 7 passenger Van for you”! I told her I reserved a “Full Size SUV”! Her response was “it’s the same thing, it’s a 7 passenger”, polity I expressed to her that a “Van and an SUV are two different categories and much cheaper, and therefore , they are not the same”. Her response was “Well, sorry but we don’t have anything else for you , maybe in the morning we will call you and let you know if we have something else in stock”. Tired and exhausted, I accepted and walked away only to be met with another Shocker, the Van had 4 Collision hits, the interior has “LARGE RIPS” as if the van just came out of an accident! The car smelled like smoke and has dirty marks inside that can not be removed and all I can think of was “How on earth do they rent this van to anyone and get away with it ? especially such a reputable compnay as “Sixth Rent a Car”!

To get to the conclusion of this , I called the place at least 5 times and went to the location or rather snuck to the location (bc anytime I bring up going to the rental company, my wife and kids just freak out and say “plz we don’t want to go and set for another hour or two , we are on vacation please), the last time I was at the location, they had 3 new vans and they told me all of the vans are NOT in the system and they are not allowed to rent them.

I have written Sixth Rent a Car customer care in Hope of hearing from them soon, so I can change the van that shakes at 50 miles an hour and has been a nightmare! But in vain , I didn’t hear back from customer service till Sunday night , June 24th, stating “my email has been forwarded to the Manger” ! Which means by the time they get back to me it will be time for us to get on the plan back to our home (Orlando FLORIDA)

I would like to kindly, request your help in obtaining a refund for this nightmare, which was NOT what I reserved , neither was it safe or clean to drive.

Helmi Agha

Product or Service Mentioned: Sixt Car Rental.

Sixt Cons: Rude customer service, No one to talk to just too bad replies to email.

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